Mobil Alfa Romeo Giulia yang keren abisss !

Alfa Romeo Guilia 6

Wow ! Itulah yang kita katakan saat pertama kali melihat mobil ini . Mobil ini memang sangat jarang terlihat di Indonesia . Mobil ini mungkin adalah mobil idaman anda . Mobil ini mendapat penghargaan sebagai “Car of the Year ” oleh Motor Trend . Mobil yang berasal dari Italia ini akhirnya masuk kembali ke Amerika Serikat setelah sekian lama “absen”.Inilah gambar gambar dari mobil ini . We got out first taste of Alfa's return to America with the 4C, a taut little mid-engine roadster that's like a shrunken-down Ferrari.

Mobil Alfa Romeo ini keluar dengan 4C , sebuah roadster mesin mengengah yang kecil yang dapat membuat mobil ini dapat melaju secepat Ferrari .

The Giulia is far more low-key — a dignified four-door, oozing luxury.

Mobil Alfa Romeo Giulia ini merupakan mobil mewah dengan 4 pintu .

Our $77,195 test car came with a Vulcano black paint job and Alfa's distinctive front grille, an inverted triangle that evokes the brand's heritage. The Alfa badge, by the way, is probably the most beautiful in the automotive universe.

Alfa Romeo mengeluarkan mobil test drive seniali $77.195 atau sekitar Rp 1 miliar . Mobil yang berwarna Vulcano Black ini memiliki bagian depan mobil yang indah dengan model segitiga terbalik juga lambang mobil yang menempel yang menambah kecantikan mobil ini .

The lightweight carbon-fiber hood is sculpted, and, like those of so many luxury cars these days, the headlights are narrow, somewhat menacing slits.

Mobil ini juga dipasangi serat karbon yang ringan dan lampu depannya yang menyempit akan menyulitkan .

It's a handsome ride, with just enough Italian panache to make it stand apart from the BMWs and Audis of the world. The roof is carbon fiber, too.

Mobil ini memiliki ciri khas Italia yang membedakannya dengan mobil mewah lainnya . Atap dari mobil ini juga dipasangi serat karbon .

Our Giulia was given the Quadrifoglio treatment and has the four-leaf-clover badge to prove it. Such a beautiful and whimsical touch! Of course, there's some tragedy in this heritage.

Lambang 4 daun ini merupakan bukti bahwa Giulia telah diberi perawatan Quadrifoglio .

If the Giulia has a design flaw, it's the car's rear. Not terribly inspiring.

You can see a dash of carbon fiber on that mini-spoiler mounted to the trunk deck.

Dari gambar ini , anda bisa melihat serpihan karbon pada spoiler mini yang terpasang di dek bagasi .

Look a bit closer, and you catch a glimpse of the dual exhaust pipes on either side of the Giulia.

Mobil ini juga memiliki pipa knalpot ganda .

They're attached to this, the Giulia Quadrifoglio's engine — a 2.9-liter, 505-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 that's effectively a Ferrari V-8 with two cylinders lopped off. The Quadro Giulia makes a lot more horsepower than the base four-cylinder turbo version's 276.

Mobil ini memiliki mesin 2,9 liter dengan 505 tenaga kuda dengan twin-turbo V-6 dan mobil ini juga lebih cepat daripada basis 4 silinder turbo versi 276 .

Four hundred forty-three pound-feet of torque accompanies the 505 ponies, all of it rev-limited at 7,250 rpm. So you can't wind this Giulia out as far as you could, say, a Ford Shelby GT 350. But the output on this thing surpasses the turbo inline-6 on the M3.

Let's slip inside.

Inilah bagian – bagian dalam mobil .

The cockpit is fairly no-nonsense, with easy-to-use controls and a comfortable, well-bolstered driver's seat.

This might be my new favorite steering wheel. It feels just right — not too thick, not too thin. Note the Ferrari-like red stop-start button and the combination of leather, carbon fiber, and brushed metal. Mmm, mmm, good. (It's $400 extra, by the way.)

Tach. Speedo. Central info screen. This is my kind of instrument cluster.

OK, Alfa, just get rid of the annoying joystick shifter, please. That said, the eight-speed auto (no manual available in the US) is quite capable and can be operated in manual mode using the excellent aluminum paddle-shifters behind the steering wheel — this reminded us of those of Ferraris and Maseratis.

The seats are basically perfect.

The central console presents a drive-mode selector — Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficiency, and Race are on tap — and a hockey-puck-style infotainment knob, all framed in carbon fiber.

Bagian dalam dari mobil ini ada yang dilapisi dengan serat karbon .

The 8.8-inch infotainment screen occupies most of the middle of the dashboard. It works well — neither as fantastically as Audi's or Cadillac's, but far better than Lexus' infotainment system.

You have everything you need, from GPS navigation to Bluetooth integration — and a $900 Harman Kardon audio system, if you choose, that sounds terrific. AUX and USB ports are accessible.

Apa yang anda butuhkan ada di dalam mobil ini mulai dari GPS sampai sistem bluetooth dan juga sistem audio Harman Kardon . AUX dan USB juga tersedia dalam mobil ini .

It isn't an exciting or dramatic system, but it ticks every box — and unlike some screens in luxury cars, this one is tucked into the dash rather than sticking out of it.

The front-seat passenger is enveloped in curvaceous, two-tone luxury.

The rear seats are equally comfy, but as with most sports sedans, legroom isn't copious.

Trunk space, meanwhile, is pretty good!

Wow ! Sebuah bagasi yang luas .

And now we come to the verdict.


Bagaimana , anda tertarik untuk membeli mobil ini ?


Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat .



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